Carnot has designed and built a unique centrifugal compressor utilizing the weight of water to compress gas with a proprietary impeller. Carnot’s Surface Area Ratio and the Thermal Capacity of Water enables Isothermal Compression.

Carnot’s Technology is based upon the concepts from the Taylor Compressor. Taylor compressors used air bubbles entrained in water to achieve compression. Air Bubble/Water Mixture (emulsion) traveled down the Intake Shaft. Air bubbles were compressed by the weight of water as they traveled to the Air Chamber. Air bubbles & water separated in the Air Chamber. The compressed air had low moisture content and in Taylor’s embodiment contained 5,500 HP of potential energy at 128 PSI.


The compressor ran for over 80 years at 80% efficiency (6 cfm/hp @ 128 psi). This is the only truly isothermal compression system yet devised. Click Here for more information on the Taylor Compressor.  Our process has removed the geographic constraint of the Taylor compressor by creating ever-increasing gravitational-forces in a centrifugal environment.


Todd Thompson

Hans Shillinger

Chris Finley

Dr. Christophe Duchateau




Todd has over 25 years of strategic, financial, and corporate development experience. Prior to Carnot, Todd held multiple leadership roles with a publicly traded industrial company. Todd began his career in management consulting, where he advised clients on corporate finance, strategy, and value based management.





Hans is a named co-inventor on Carnot’s patents. He is registered as a professional civil engineer in California, with a broad engineering background with an emphasis on project and engineering management. Prior to Carnot, Hans was president of an operating unit for a large civil construction firm, where he led design and construction of utility scale solar projects worth over $150M.




Chris is a mechanical engineer with over 15 years’ experience in R&D, engineering, product development, and business development for mechanical systems in oil and gas applications. Chris is a recognized cryogenics expert and has published numerous papers on cryogenics, expanders, pumps, and turbines, with a focus on LNG applications.



Christophe is a process engineering specialist who worked in oil and gas R&D for 10 years, followed by 2 years in fluid flow simulations for product development. He has a proven track record in a broad range of engineering topics spanning applied thermodynamics, chemical engineering and fluidics. Christophe earned his PhD in process engineering and was a postdoctoral fellow at Stanford University.

Dr. Paul Blomerus




Paul is an internationally-experienced research and innovation leader with track record of results in the clean energy and power systems technology industry. He has held leadership positions at Westport Innovations in Vancouver, Rolls-Royce Aerospace in the UK and McKinsey & Co. in Chicago. Paul holds a Ph.D. in Engineering Science from the University of Oxford.



Carnot’s board is composed of the following co-founders, all of whom are significant owners.



Todd Thompson


Hans Shillinger


Sean Kilgrow


Wayne Hagan


Larry Leis

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